Friday, September 6, 2013

New RoboCop

I just watched the new RoboCop Trailer and I would like to say am impressed! :D I hope they won't screw up and it would be a good reboot, I like that he looks more tactical because he should ( super fast reflex ) it helps supporting that, and the black color is awesome! :D but the tactical super fast human like movement will kill of course the robowalk which was awesome! T____T sad....

I like how they pressured on the human struggle point (human mind vs machine) by showing an exposed human hand and the other is robotic and from the trailer I noticed that he doesnt pull the gun when another guy pulls the gun at him and I guess that will be an important part of the movie I guess it will be the moment where he doesnt pull the gun ( makes a choice ) as we all know robocop, shoot 1st! ask questions later! yeaaaaaaah! :D

anyway, am excited for this movie and cant wait to watch it! Dead or Alive! you'r coming with me!

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