Tuesday, September 17, 2013

after hectic week am back! O_O

okay so my windows failed me =_= and am too broke to take it to a shop to do all the stuff for me! so i had to take things in my own hands =_= which that made me go through hell it self, after a hell lot of attempts of fail and error i got to install a new windows and install all the softwares back, ( and you will ask why he went through hell for that ) that is a different story that I can't say anything about! :P

so back to sculpting with zbrush, after i finished my last practice model which came out oooookay... I guess and looking at real life reference for anatomy and observation which enhanced my mental library to achieve a better anatomy, now am trying to work on a stylized female model ( am sure I wont achieve the exact model ) but let's see.

anyway, i took the old model zremeshed it and did modifications on it while still in level one with 5.748 points active,

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