Friday, September 6, 2013

MegaMan marathon

So! in the past few days I have been thinking of playing megaman, I finished x4-x8 and also the zero series and I think megaman battle network 1-2 and 3, but I never had the chance to play the nes ones, so I said hi! lets do a marathon and play em all, Megaman  I played it and finished it yesterday while I was in the bus and waiting in the Iraqi embassy for my papers to be done and than the ride back to home which took about 10 hours of my day, I left home at 6AM.

Megaman one was super hard to a sick level! I mean it is the source for a lot of angry nostalgic gamers out there! the level design! its like a bully was handling it and his joy is to see children crying from frustration! I was in the bus playing and trying to keep my voice down but still screamed once or twice.

it was unholy evil hard! anyway thanks to save cheat ( where you can save anywhere and load anywhere in the level ) I was able to beat it.

it had score system which made no sense what so ever cause the game isn't about winning points other than that i was good, even with all the frustration it was good! I loved the rush that it gave me! brought the old days back.
To be honest I like the Japanese cover, it is more honest to what the game is 

Megaman 2 today I was ridding a bus again and in 2 hours I was able to take down 5 level, it was way much more easier than Megaman 1 and the levels are way shorter and the cool thing that they realized that the score is useless so they removed it and they had these small cutscene where megaman change color every time he gets an upgrade after beating a boss.

until now it is easy ( too easy I would say comparing to megaman 1 ) I will try to continue playing it tmrw and hopefully finish it.

Megaman even with low graphics it showed skillful level design and cool logic in weapons choice to make boss battle a lot much more easier.

in Megaman 2 Bubbleman level I enjoyed the underwater part of it, you get the high high dive kind of jump but haha! they wont let you enjoy it, if you jump too high you will hit a spiked ball in the ceiling and it kills you instantly! that is just mean! :D and I liked it, hope to see more smart work.

ouh and let's not forget the music, every level got a theme and there were a lot of music through the game which made it cooler! :D

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