Saturday, September 7, 2013

Capcom, capwhat?

Capcom has always given us some of the best games that build our gaming childhood to a beautiful universe where we can jump around and scream pew pew and throw imaginary energy balls screaming hadoken, and do gun katas pretending to be half demons, they have made the best titles, but something seriously went wrong.

title after title is being kicked and rolled in the mud and even using new awesome titles just to screw it up in the end.

street fighter x tekken is the 1st, the game system was awful ( to me and I heard lots of complains on the internet ) they even placed the extra characters as a DLC while they are actually on the game DVD and Bluray, what is happening?

Megaman such a beautiful title that built a lot of awesome memories ( am a MegaMan X fan ) Megaman legends 3 I look at the fans everywhere and they are dying to get their hands on Legends 3 but again capcom didnt do it and also Megaman universe, and Keiji Inafune left capcom saying that if he stays there he won't be creative anymore? ( what the hell is going on?! )

Devil May Cry designs turned into a Twilight cross over =_=

and lets not forget that their wont be another street fighter game for the next 4-5 years.

Asura's wrath pulling gamers into that awesome new title than selling the ending of the game/ interactive anime as a DLC?! O_O

I guess Capcom are no caring about the fans anymore and they just want money to be pulled out of people, games previously used to be about creating a game, not about getting money, designers used to have passion about their work and they give a lot of effort to bring awesomeness into video games but now it has turned into what? an industry, they just want money and to do that they need to make their product ( not game anymore ) appeal to as many people as possible, the wider the audience the more money they can grab from them and that kill creativity cause it will end make a generic game and afraid of coming up with something new or worst being afraid of losing the glare of a good title and ending up screwing it up to the maximum level.

Devil May Cry was totally changed, why? cause they wanted western audience, whoever was making the BUSINESS choice at capcom should be hanged, you JACK ASS! the designs were appealing to a super wide audience not just westerns but even middle east!

as far as I see Capcom is heading to its own down fall and it will be soon, in my life time for sure.

what is your opinion? I know blogger is annoying when it comes to reply and comment but if you have an opinion, please do share, I would like to know.

Update 1 : what the hell?! I just found out about Megaman Mavrick Hunter first person shooter and it got canceled?! just today I was thinking why there was never a serious dark themed Megaman

again capcom.....again.....My support to you is just turn to vapor
so they had an idea for a solid idea to bring more fan base to the series with the idiotic casual gamers who have never played shit and it actually looks cool and works and puff! they are not going to make it...

something is off....

update 2: ouh and how did I forget Resident evil series? that awesome horror survival game that turned into a stupid shooter it is just too sad, I got my hands on RE revelations and it was alright I guess but few things bugged me is some of the reasoning in the game, chris fall off a cliff and he cant walk and he says he can't get up and you spend around 3 mins shooting zombie wolves and stuff than the npc comes to help and she just give him a hand ( I mean a hand! ) she just pulled him and he stood up and said I guess i can walk =_= seriously? with all his training and shit?! he panicked? and he couldn't tell if his leg was broken or not? WHAT THE HELL?

resident evil to me was the not much bullets adventure where you have to be super careful about item usage and strategy to survive this horrifying ordeal not shooting zombies and progress like a stupid shooter game!

=_= sad sad saaaaaaaaaaaad! 

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