Tuesday, February 20, 2018

NPR (non photorealistic render) ShowReel Zaid Al-Shaheed

Project Chaos
Game ready character assets and some environment made for Project Chaos by me.

sadly we ran out of funds and we could not finish the project when we were close to having a solid prototype.

I hope one day we will be able to finish it.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How to Simple Game Design

The longer I work in the Game Dev field the more this concept slaps me right in the face and screams START HERE!
today I got Master Spy from Steam, it was less than a burger and fries at Jollibee so I said hi am buying this, it looks cool.

it took 2 levels (which is like a min? of gameplay) and BAM! it slapped me in the face again!

Let what you are about to read cook in your head and don't just judge it, it might not sound complex to do but it is

the game is so simple yet so complex in design that makes it so focus and thrive in design.
as basic as it gets, jump and cloak, two buttons with directions, the goal is don't get caught and everything else is how the level layout is made, enemy behavior, and encounters, this is a masterful game design, people keep saying think out side the box, I say no! box your self and see how you can make it fun, like staying in a single room with a chalk in hand and bored out of your mind, what will you do to have fun.
boxing your self and limiting your self when it comes to game design = focus and concentrate on the things that matter the most, Polish it, make it shiny, I played many games that are so complex with its stuff but I just lose interest really fast but simple games that controls with a couple of buttons and a single mechanic can be a hell lot of fun.
the point is, limit your mechanics and see how you can make em fun, Master Spy and Super Meat Boy are prime examples of this theory.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Progress in 3D modeling (Castlevania Portrait revisited)

So!!! it has been a long time again since I posted anything here, and am really neglecting the blog again...meh.

if you guys want more frequent updates you can follow my Twitter as am very active in there now My Twitter.

so to the Juicy stuff! back in 2014 I made an attempt of modeling an Ayami Kojima Style portrait of Hector from Castlevania Curse of Darkness, I was new to modeling at that time and still kinda new to Blender and boy! that was a trash modeling looking back at it! as you can check the link here.
Old Model
I tried to have the bad stuff under the texture work but man that model on proper lighting and matcap looked just horrible but I was learning at that time...

now after a long drag day I needed a break to clear my head so I decided to give it another shot, and in a couple of hours short break included was able to finish and MUCH! better looking face as well as very animation friendly topology.

speed comes from learning and experience.

have a wonderful evening and Happy Eid! and visit me on Twitter! 
Till next time! 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Terminal (Android)

A message from my sponsor regarding our new game release

al salamu 3alaikum

how are you?

allow me to introduce my self.

I am Qusai Samir
manager of a small Iraqi gave developer team, Zaid Al-Shaheed Iraqi talent residing in the philippines ( you can find his artwork here in this link (https://www.artstation.com/artist/skeletal_raven_arts)

Jorge Perortico, Programmer from Spain
and √Čtienne Charbonneau a music composer from Canada

we made this small humble game and we would like your support

our game Terminal where you can find in this link (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JORGESHIN.Terminal)

has been released today, very humble and very simple, made in our free time as we all have our day jobs to pay the bills, but we want to continue make more games that are more fun and more complex and for that we need funding, how can we get our funding you might ask? by you downloads, the more people play the game the more the ads brings more revenue, so if you don't mind we would like to humbly ask you to share our game and our story on your respected page to gain get more downloads so we can continue making games.

thank you very much in advance

and yo7fothkum allah

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

YUREI NINJA for IOS and Android Chinese new year Edition.

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Yurie Ninja! IS BACK! with Chinese New Year Edition from FishCrackers
You: A ninja, back from the dead, seeking revenge against…
The Enemy: A samurai warlord with the blackest of hearts who turned against you!
Trained in the art of hiding and surprise attacks, avoid traps, strike down enemies and destroy deadly bosses, all trying to stop your quest.
What's New in Version 1.32.2
- New characters
- New weapons
- Improved visuals

Monday, November 28, 2016


Hi guys! a new puzzle game I have been working on as part of FishCrackerStudio "WHAT 
BREAD?!" is now out for both the Appstore and Google Play WORLDWIDE!

Enjoy! It's free to download! :)
In What Bread, join Tina Pie on her baking adventure through Silly Con Valley!
Travel through shiny business parks and meet insanely accurate archetypes, while baking bread, taking orders for bread and packing up bread to make bread - moolah, cash money, dollar dollar bills, etc.
But watch out: get the bread orders out as soon as possible or watch your dreams come crashing down!
What Bread is completely free to play but some in-game items require payment.
- Fast-paced match 3 puzzle action
- Collect adorable bread sets
- Play different bakers
- Level up to get additional power-ups
- Local versus mode lets you play against friends

Thursday, February 11, 2016

An MK Fan message to Edboon

Dear Edboon

In advance, I apologies for my English as it is not my first language, and again sorry for the length of this message.

First allow me to introduce my self, I am Zaid Al-Shaheed, a 28 year old guy from Iraq and I want to share with you something that you have offered to many fans like me.

I have had my 1st experience with MK when I was around 8 years old as I remember, we did not have arcade machines in my country but we had shops were you pay by the hour to rent a console and at that time MK was the rave, my dad took me and my elder brother to one of those shops and it was my 1st time to go to one, we sat there and the shop owner ask my dad if he should activate the blood code as I was a kid and my dad was kind of a cool guy and was a horror movie buff and even allowed me to watch Friday the 13th when I was 7 so he was like sure, go ahead, he can handle it.

and when the selection menu came out and the character selection screen and saw subzero and scorpion as a couple of yellow and blue ninja in the freakin game it just blew my mind as I was a ninja fanboy at that age, say ninja and I scream YES! I picked Subzero and me and my brother started playing and when the 1st punch was thrown and the blood was all over the place and made those splash sounds it was completely blown away felt like my face was melting.

After two rounds and the shop owner telling my brother before to handover the control at the time it says fatality and the owner pulled the move and Subzero pulling the head with the spin predator style, that! was a definitive moment in my life when I became a super fan boy of MK.

followed MK 2. MK 3, MK Ultimate with the brutalities that kept me sleepless in school nights mastering moves and getting in local tournaments passing down those Xeroxed copies of MK moves around, ouh boy these were the times.

MK4, Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armagadom, Shaolin Monks, Special Forces, you name it, I played it.

and MK mythologies actually was one of the reasons that I got into the career I am trying to make a breakthrough today, ( Game Design and concept art )

followed the series with every part of it and never missed any, even played the different MK trilogies on different consoles and loved how Scorpion had different Hell fatalities in each version ( my favorite was the Sega Saturn with the Scorpion copies jumping into the screen and beating the living hell out of the other player? My God Priceless and we laughed so hard at it at home )

MKX came out last year and I was really waiting for it but sadly at that time as I am a family man and pursuing game design, am short on money and couldn't get it at that time.

I run my games on PC now as it is my work station and works well with most of the recent Triple A titles, and I can't afford buying a console.

So I have heard along the year a lot of mixed reviews regarding the PC performance of the game and what people has went through but I was like noooooo, it can be like that! this is NetherRealm Studio we are talking about but after my friend showing me how it was preforming on his monster PC it hit me on the head, knowing that am going to miss and MK game because I can not afford having a console, but what hit me harder was the rumor of you guys giving up on the PC version and sticking to consoles, I know it is a business decision and you guys made a wise choice but there are a lot of people who are fans of the game like me who will not be able to play that piece of magnificent bloodfest of awesomeness.

When my wife looked at me and saw how sad I was and asked me what is wrong as she is sitting across me behind my computer in the living room, I told her I won't be able to play MK on PC, she understood my pain as she saw how much I was fanboying on it before the release and after the release, sitting here at 4AM waiting your broadcasts.

I know you guys must have had a lot of time working on the fix for a long time but sometimes technical issues are a B***H and I know that as a game designer, but still I know that you guys on the long run will be able to fix it.

So Mr.Boon, I plead you to consider not canceling the PC release and find a way to make it work as it should, there is a dedicated fan base who are PC owners and even with the shit load of pirated games out there, they will set squeeze them self to pay the game that deserve the money and by Lord Raiden MKX Deserves it.

So please do not give up on us.