Monday, September 9, 2013

Magic Meisters, An Open World Co-op Multiplier RPG

Through Deviantart Game Art group I came across this interesting project done by Indie developers, Magic Meisters, An Open World Co-op Multiplier RPG, it looks like a very interesting universe to play in and it looks promising as well, I really like the style they are going with it looks very cool.

I really like how the bosses looks like and the variations they offer and it looks like fun, if you like RPG? give it a shot! you like magic? give it a shot! HELL YOU LIKE BOTH! THAN YOU SHOULD GIVE IT A SHOT! :D  check the link below!


  1. Magic Meisters Dev here, just want to thank you for you awesome support ! We hope you enjoy !

    1. an honor for me that you spared time to visit my blog :) not a problem! good luck for your kick starter! :D keep up the good work!