Thursday, September 5, 2013

3rd step character drawing

Okay! after finishing the stick than developing the volume drawing here comes the anatomy, I cant explain much about it since I gained that by experience and lots and lots of anatomy study but still need more to expand my knowledge to draw a better looking character.

one helpful tip for you guys is to mirror, always mirror, mirroring brings out a hell lot of mistakes! mirroring helps your eyes breaking this balance that your eyes created cause you looked at the drawing for too long and when u mirror it, all the mistakes starts to come out, so finally laying down anatomy to make sure how things sit together and now is the next step, clothing the character.

( here is an examples for a drawing that was developed from a correct stick figure, it didnt take much to flush out all the goodness )
you see here by the 3rd step I got everything under control and it took me around 1 hour to bring out the design, so stick figures are important, spend a little more extra time to get them correctly, it will save you a lot of effort *note : check my 2 previous posts to understand what am mumbling about *

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