Tuesday, September 3, 2013

eye attempts

am feed up with horrible looking eyes in my models and sculpts so here comes the pain, a sculpt practice and study, I just did these two a while ago, the 1st one is on the left = HORRIBLE! CRAP! SHIT! TRASH! DEFECTED!

the one on the right....too ANGRY! AGAIN FAILED!

but to be honest thank God and Pixologic for dynamesh!

now more practice.

update 1 : so here comes my 3rd attempt working out an eye....not bad ....BUT! this is a wrinkly eye of an old man! or a troll or something! and the eye ball is not sitting correctly in the socket!, I need to create more beautiful soft curvy eye....eh! so....THIS IS A FAIL TOO! O_O 

you will say don't be hard on your self but I will say no! I should!

Update 2 : after doing some sketching from front view and side view to have more understanding of the basic structure of the eye shape, depth and form finally and okaish looking eye ( now you will look at it and say eh! it took him so long to do this? well go ahead and try it and tell me if YOU CAN DO IT! ) of course am not talking to pros here :D LOL! am talking to noobs like me :D so this is what I just finished and more to come 

Update 3: so! I polished the previous eye sculpt the tools that were used were ( clay buildup, mask lesso, dam_stand brush, smooth and of course the mask backface option was turned on in brush options )

I guess am a bit happy that finally I made a decent shaped eye using zbrush, will do more practice from scratch of course than will shift to actual portrait model to put these new input that I gained into use.

Update 4: I wanted to take a break from sculpting eyes so I did something from the top of my head! the bag of terror, I will update it when I have a chance, I really like the Idea :D

Update 5: okay here is another eye I have done quickly it looks okaish but I should look into a real eye reference next and try to match it

Update 6 : okay am now confident about the eye structure and how to build it through sculpting now to try different variations of eyes and do more polished work 

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