Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blender Modeling tackled!

So! after the Rocket model I could not just stay and do nothing, I wanted to see if I have learned something, Snagged one of my old weapon designs and wanted to make it into 3D! after a an hour a weapon model is finished! INSIDE BLENDER! I can't believe that I actually did this! LOL!
Screen shot from blender

Old Design sketch

180 faces! :D totally ingame quality work next! unwapping and textureing! maybe will go crazy and do a sculpt to extract a normal map! lol! :D

the trick to tackle blender is not to go fast, just take it easy step by step and actually repeat what you are doing loud, say it to your self right click, drag, left click, A, until it starts to become a reflex! :) take it easy work hard and you will make it! 


Update 1 : just updated the shapes to perfectly match the design even more plus mesh refine, next! UV Unwrap!

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