Thursday, September 5, 2013

2nd step in character drawing

so! I picked one of the poses that I drew a stick figure for and took it to the next step ( volume ) and all the problems showed up but this is the process, at least for me since am still a noob, am a noob who is close to pro level just few points of experience :P

so let me show you and explain!

1st I wanna say am sorry that the picture is from right to left ( my arabic nature always over come my subconscious mind ) * I dont know if I spelled that right and am too lazy to google it lol!* 

anyway! so I started 1st with the stick, I draw the volume on top of it than draw the line of action, what is the line of action, it is a line that goes through an object to determine its motion flow and balance ( this is what I know and understood, if not do update me! ) so I noticed that the character is not balanced and not sitting right so I fixed the upper body until the line actually came in the center and balanced it out * it looked balance to me! *

but I still had an issue with it and it is the comfort! ahhhh! that is one thing that many little artist say : no it is perspective, the character is suppose to sit like that and this is how it should look, and my answer to that, shut up and go do it right! 

I observed the character and noticed that the arm is not relaxed, the body in that pose should be relaxed and also its weight should show in the drawing ( I mean show that it has weight by reasoning the gravity ) see if you can sit comfortably in that pose! and my final result still need some fixing, I dont like how the left leg sitting there, will update it and get back to you.  

Update 1 : okay now I fixed the leg but that brought more reworking on the arm positioning and also the line of action to balance the character ( all because I didnt concentrate much on the stick figure ) but hi! this is learning and am just sharing what I learned, you see how much time it takes just to build a good balanced pose? dont rush things when you are learning ( there is a reason why it is called learning )

so look at the last drawing on the left ( yes again the arabic writing flow thingy I know ) look how solid the pose looks, you can feel the weight of the character and you can actually feel that he is sitting  not just a pose thrown in there and just giving a hit of sitting, so this is the volume drawing step, it sure took a lot of time but it is time worth spending for sure. 

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