Saturday, September 21, 2013

3D texturing trick for game artist

Okay! so today I saw a concept art by an awesome artist on DA called Neo Japan
I just loved the design, specially the helmet and since am learning blender I said to my self I want to give it a shot, there was  trick I was reading about where you can use a concept art to have a texture from that, and guys! am telling you! if you have a seriously bad ass concept artist, texturing is no big deal.

I did the model all of course by my self and unwrapped it but the texturing belong to the concept art, so let me show you.

so after I finished the model and that didnt take time since the model it self is very edgy looking and after that! straight to unwrapping and of course got the UVs to Photoshop
and here comes the trick I simple cut the concept art and placed it over the UVs and did some editing for it 

and vuala! you got your texture!

and your textured model! :D 

done! :D 
good concept art can result in easy good looking texture for lowpoly game, hell even highpoly if you have clean looking high res concept art since the artist will give you the cloth feel and everything with that ( if he does )

special thanks to johnsonting for inspiring me with his concept art, concept and I would say even texture belong to him :)

I hope you have learned something in here!

over and out!

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