Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blender character modeling

okay! so taking things a bit more serious now and will start with a female character, I still don't have a concept of what she will be, but I just finished sticking together a model sheet and guides for what I will do for the base.

Different references from scott lee's danger girls sketch book, Bible black female and also tenjou tenji

lets begin!

update : just finished most of the base. arms and head left, ah! also feet

more to come

Update 2 : okay so it took me the whole day to finish this but still want to finish the ears and hair as well as unwrapping it! and now I really need a break ( facial mesh flow isnt good, am trying to remember the old stuff about mesh flow, possible rework )

so here are the process shots 

still more to go!

Update 3 : okay so I just reworked the face 
still not happy about it

last update for today

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