Sunday, September 29, 2013

long week

Alright! so I was visiting my new family this week and the trip is fun, took my laptop to their thought I could work but sadly I couldnt since I wasnt very comfy in there and my internet didnt work well and other stuff, but anyway! it was fun! I had lots of fun, watched some tv shows with them, cracked lots of jokes! :D and today I had a bit of time to learn something new after the trip, Materials and texture in blender, this thing is darn easy as long as you learn how it works, and figuring that out is tricky, specially with many misleading un pro tutorials out there! :D so I had to do it on my own, trail and error and finally got the results out! :D

Spec map and normal map for the model, very very happy about the result and learning something new that will be so handy from now on to bring out better looking quality models.

Blender rocks!

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