Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 what is going on?

This year when it started I don't know it didnt seem good at all, vigil games was gone, than koji igarashi quit as a game designer, Megaman legends and universe cancellations and now Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi died....

I am even afraid of saying how would it get worse cause after this I think everything is possible, gaming community please start looking into true game creations, we are losing legends here.

some one should at least try to fill the spot or we will end up under a pail of shitty games that means nothing, even when am working on a game that isnt much but it is a start for something really big in mind, i know you could make a bad game once in a while but when you have lots of money and a position to make a bigger game? please do go for it and am not talking graphically but true game design, something that will hit the spot like Braid, bastion, meat boy and cave story...please people think before you create a game, allow your self to be creative and smart about it....pls....look at nintendo and sega they always brought awesomeness into our lives...some of the best titles and of course nintendo is one of the most evolutionary gaming systems...

put those as an example for your self when you try to make a go for triple A shit games...pls 

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