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I've commissioned Zaid to create art for my projects on numerous occasions. In every case he proved himself to be highly reliable, great with deadlines, and extremely adaptive to change requests. I've always had an excellent experience working with him and have always been very happy with the final art delivered. I'll definitely be commissioning additional art from Zaid in the future.

Michael Parent
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To whom it may concern, 

Zaid Al-Shaheed participated in the Global Game Jam, remotely, with our team here in Atlanta.  Over the course of the weekend, Zaid contributed to a significant portion of the development for our character & environment concepts. He did a great job concepting our characters & environment objects based on our narratives and also coordinated with other artists to produce all the assets needed for our game.

Here is a link for our teaser trailer for the game, called SPELLS. Teaser Trailer

This is an open world puzzle game where the player gets turned into a cat by the Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau, in New Orleans, and the player has to explore an old historical cemetery to piece together what happened to them and how they can change back to their normal selves.

Even though the Game Jam is over, this game is continuing development & is currently in design/development.

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