Monday, August 26, 2013

Underrated SNES Hagane the Final Conflict

I have noticed while talking to retro gamers that only few knows a game called Hagane, sidescrolling 2D action game that pumps up your adrenaline and never let you get your fingers off the joypad!
 Story : The Fuma and Koma ninja clans who live mainly in darkness have mastered the secret arts of ninjutsu and black magic. Although they look just like normal people, they have strength and spiritual power beyond normal human beings. Each clan consists of several factions. The Fuma clan is split into factions based on the Chinese zodiac. The Koma clan is split into factions by color; consisting of the white, the gold and the red dragon. In the case of the Fuma clan, members of a given faction know nothing more about any other factions except that they exist and their blood lines are cut off from the outside world and are destined to decline. The Fuma clan possesses extreme strength and spiritual power. Their duty is to protect the Holy Grail, which is said to possess power that can destroy the world. From long ago, the evil Koma clan had plotted to destroy the world using the destructive power of Holy Grail.
Eventually, they attacked a faction of the Fuma clan and stole the Holy Grail. However, they failed to notice that among the severely wounded, one man survived... On the verge of death, the barely living man known as Hagane was brought back to life by advanced cyber-technology performed by a mysterious old man named Momochi. However, none of Hagane's body survived except his brain. Already a powerful ninja, he now had the incredible power and speed of a human cyborg. With this power, he vowed to take revenge on the Koma faction.
At the end of the conflict and having destroyed the Koma faction's complex, Hagane overlooks the scene from a cliff outcropping, satisfied. His purpose fulfilled, Hagane's glowing eyes fade to black and he passes on. As the credits roll, time and nature claim his seated form and rust his katana as a nearby tree grows unhindered by the blackened land. ( source : wikipedia )

from my own experience the game has a very cool mechanics but it is just placed there to make the game looks cool and add more variation to the fighting style, the L and R buttons can make the player do a back flip L in the left direction and R in the right direction, it can be used for dodging some times but if you do a series of 3 perfect backflips you will unleash a special attack that kills the enemies in the screen ( it sounds easy ha? NOT! ) with all the bullet hell that you get in the game it is super hard to do that move! specially when the levels advance and you start getting platforms jumping and stuff.

of course the character jump, crouch, change into 3 types of weapons as i remember ( the sword, the bombs and the shiruken ).

it still holds as a cool action game to me since I enjoyed playing it when I had dreamcast ( I played it on my dreamcast since I never owned a super nintendo, it was rare in my country ) I enjoyed playing it and it was fun to play such difficult action game that brings the old school you will get your ass kicked and make you cry kind of game.

did I tell you  that it doesnt have save function and no continues? :D yes! it is seriously one hard game to play! but lots of fun

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