Friday, August 23, 2013

Attack on Titan Ep1 Pre-View

Every one has been talking about Attack of Titan and doing fan art and making a big deal about it so I decided to check it out, amazing screen play! lovely grasp on animation! and they have done something that many animes never done ( as far as the ones that I have watch ) the Grabbing scenes! they didn't get into the explanation of a story or the plot or what is happening in the beginning, they kept it interesting and actiony! that made me scream in my chair YES! YES YES! AT LAST! SOMETHING WORTH WATCHING! than they got into the story and the story of the universe is even more awesome, kind of original and capturing ( for me at least ) the brutality of the scenes in it is so shocking that I would say this anime is at least for 16+ audience! for sure it is not for kids and not many people can stomach the brutality of it.

after I was done with ep1 am left thirsty and hungry for more of the story and the amazing fight scenes!

personally I give this anime 10/10 since it pinned me in my chair and I could not move my eyes of the screen the whole time and it kept me pulled and not bored, not even for a second! I hope they will keep this quality all along with the anime and I just hope it will stick to the manga without stretching like any other commercial animes and mangas. fingers crossed!

Attack on Titan! ROCKS!

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