Friday, August 23, 2013

Attack on Titan Story analysis (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER) Do not read if you didn't watch

I have reach Ep15 the story is too epic and very capturing, after all the hype is going down recovering the City using Eren's power of transformation, it seems that also the other (Armored and Colossus) showed inelegance and they just show up for a small period of time to break a hole in the walls to let the other small ones get in.

my Analysis is either it is an out side power trying to wipe out this place but there is no reason for them to do so, so the work is from the inside, some one inside the City knows the power of Titans as well and trying to let the Titans in to gain control over the people using fear and keep them busy, so the enemy is from inside is the more logical explanation but who is it and apart from controlling people? why? to reduce human count to keep them inside the walls and frighten them so they wont even go outside or think of it? yes it probably is.

sounds like our world, no one let us think outside our walls and always a war happening to reduce human count.

very interesting and smart translation to our real world, Bravo to the writers.

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