Thursday, August 15, 2013

Retro memories

Metroid has a very strong impact on me since the 1st day I got my eyes on it i still remember I was 9 years old and I don't remember how but I came across Metroid trading card
every day I held that card and I wished I had a gameboy, I wanted to play this game, this mysterious character in the suit with an arm looks like a gun, to me that character looked more hip than robocop.

I carried that card with me where ever I go until it just worn out and started to torn than it was gone, years has passed and it was 2004 and i was 17 by that time and I owned a game boy for the 1st time, it was a gameboy advance it was a transparent purple ver

I 1st game for this handheld awesomeness was castlevania , and I bought it just for that game
I played it day and night and it was pure awesomeness to me since it was a handheld device and with it's awesome graphics and extended gameplay, it looked like a psx castlevania : symphony of the night or this is how I saw it, specially by that time it was the after math in Iraq and we had no power and there was no school and i was not allowed to go out so the GBA was my only friend I carried my pack with the games everywhere around cause I could never stop playing.

my brother worked at the US army base at that time and he used to stay for weeks in there, one day he came early morning and it was a really cold winter, I opened the door, and he came in and we sat in the kitchen near the heater and he asked me if he can borrow my GBA for a min and I said sure, I gave it to him and he took out a GBA cartridge from his pocket and played it on my GBA and I just jumped off my chair and said NEW GAME! WHAT IT IS! he said I will trade it with you for Castlevania, I was like no way!!!! there is no chance in that! he said you finished it 3 times already! and this is a bad ass game! I promised my friend to trade it for him! and he gave me back the device and said okay check it out, play it.

I didnt see the title since he passed it and the game was just pure awesomeness, a character with a space gun arm jumping and going around in a space base, taking upgrades and started to shoot rockets and fighting awesome monster bosses
, I was thrilled that I kept played until the batteries were dead, and I still dont know the title of the game! i was so thrilled that I just wanted to play that game, I took out the cartridge and there it was Metroid fusion!

I was so happy that I was jumping around! I still remember that card and finally I have the game! that same character that kept me day dreaming! am playing its game, so I got new batteries and I kept on playing through the game, still didn't die yet until I came across Samus-X and boom! I was dead in a second! and the suit exploded and I was in deep shock! the character is a girl! O_O I was like what?! a girl! no way! but it was a cool kind of shock! it was something new to me! to come across such thing! ( note: I grew up playing NES and Sega, never played super nintendo ) so I just kept on playing and this game just had a huge impact on me, the exploration, the problem solving, the upgrades, game mechanics, sprite change with upgrade so its like having a new character with upgrading through the game, the bad ass bosses and it was simply amazing!

and I could not sell or trade that game no matter what the offer was, even some guy offered me 10 games in exchange of it and I said no, not in my life time.

after a year or two, me and my brother were walking in the market and my eye came across a new metroid cover and it was ZERO MISSION, I got excited that I just pulled my brother's arm and said : I WANT THIS!, we were just done with game shopping and he was like, you little brat! I just bought you 5 new games for ps2! and I said : I don't want any of those 5 games! we can return it but I want this! he laughed and said okay take it! so we bought it and here comes a new metroid adventure, it had a different flavor, different mystery and art style, and very different side from metroid fusion, it was a whole new dice to role in that game, I seriously enjoyed it specially at the end part when Samus reduce to zero suit and the whole game turned into sneaking mission! metroid just got me hocked and I wanted more and more

, we got a game cube and got of course metroid prime I played it but it turn out that it wasnt my dish and than metroid 2 echos and corruption and i still didnt play these and than Wii came out and metroid the other M came out and I still didnt have a chance to play it cause I didnt have time or the console to play it until few months ago, I just decided to watch a walk through for the other M on youtube and I couldn't go through the 1st quarter of the game and I just turned the video off cause I decided that I want to play it, it was this sweet mix between 2d,/3d and shooter, for me metroid was not a 1st person shooter ( it fits as one cause the whole helmet coolness inside ) but the awesome design of samus, I wanted to see the character it self jumping and playing and doing all the tricks, and in the other M it does!.

this game is on my list and now I even want to play the 1st person shooter and my luck stroke with the legacy on Wii so my goal is to get a Wii and get those babies to go into a space adventure hunting aliens from planet to another!

Until now I still own Fusion and Zero mission and I would never give up these two games to anyone!
and I would like to thank my Brother Haider for giving me the opportunity to come across it and play it, even when we have a lot of differences, still, thank you for teaching me how to play games and am still ready to kick your ass any time any place! any game! :D

so guys if you have a chance play metroid! it is fun and very cool game with awesome game design and mechanics, it is a genre of its own, check metrovenia of you don't believe me :D

okay guys, am done! and have a good night!

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