Sunday, August 25, 2013


Today I am dead sick, In bed and it sucks! the fever is a killer but still I had to get up and do something or I will put the day to a waste!

done some work regarding something I am working on ( am not allowed to talk about it...YET! )
do anyway I was in bed thinking about the past, from the year 2011 when I started my college project, I know am talking about it a lot lately since I finished but you just can not imagine how it felt, I was away from Blogger for a long time and people lost track of me in here cause of that work, it was horrible all the way cause I had no idea what to do or what am I doing and even when my friends asking to help me I tell them you can't cause I don't have a proper planning am just doing based on my feel, using After Effects for the 1st time in my life! GOD! I was so lost but not too lost thanks to my friend kshitiz ( you may rest in peace bro, you saved me ) he gave me a tip to work on it and if it wasn't for that I would have been doomed cause the project wouldnt have been done! and I would have failed my course and no graduation and the worse thing from all of this, the personal shame that I would have lived in! and also thank God and adobe for giving that amazing option of saving the file if the software crashed, just imagine animating everything perfectly for hours! and BAM! puff! all is gone.

2 days before submission, I was sitting in a restaurant having my dinner with my laptop writing project documentation  because I had no time to do it at home so I had to do it when I get a break from work, so everywhere I go my laptop was an extension of me at that time, writing writing writing.

after I finished my project, and went to submit it to my head of department I was so tensed that I felt dizzy and drained and I just sat on a chair close to me in the faculty room thinking what if they don't like it, what if he said it sucks or change something, am going to explode and burst from furstration ( 2 years of frustration getting out in 1 min! I didn't even want to imagine what would I have done.

he came plugged the pen drive in and played it and I was not looking at the screen I was just looking at his face, his expression, what is he feeling and it was a smile all the way on his face, a happy smile, submission was done, I just needed to print on a DVD now. I went out and stood there looking to the sky and than I started walking out of the gate and at that time I screamed ( YES!!!!!! GOD YES! ) as loud as I can!

2 years of work paid off and I graduated but I still had the doubt of will I be able to do something like that again?, and some work came to me and it was just in time through a friend asking me to do a commercial for his software and i accepted right away without even thinking, it was a reflex, I just CAME OUT FROM SHIT! AND HERE I AM BACK IN IT AGAIN! DEAR GOD! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH ME! I swore not to do such work anymore all along the project and here I am 2 days away after submission and I accepted a contract! O_O stupid ha?

I moved out of India to the Philippians to meet my lovely girlfriend and I was in a desperate place where I needed money so the 1st thing I did a sample of animation to check the quality with the client and thank god it was good and he liked it and I was even surprised that I pulled it that well, I was suppose to finish the work within one month, but I didnt cause of a personal situation that I faced and I was totally cuffed and couldnt get out of it, so I was delayed for a month my client was easy with me since he is my friend and he understood my tight situation and told me not to worry, so later I got back to work and started animating and doing the sound and God the sound was hard! cause I had to record my own voice and there was construction near us and people singing karaoke so the only choice I had is to do it at night when everyone was asleep, so I stand there in the bathroom door is closed, window is closed to prevent noise but still the noise got through every time. but after a while I did and okaish sound recording, finished a commercial of a 1.5 min of animation inside after effects! wow! in less than two months of work I was shocked! the experience I gained working on that motion comic was so much that I know what am suppose to do and what not to do, it felt so natural to do it breaking down graphic, importing them and animating them inside after effect! it was actually fun to see a quick result! and solid work in short time.

sadly the sound didnt pull through still under adjustments and until then I can not post it as a part of my demo reel or portfolio!.

the point of all that blabber is! if you work hard on something next time you will do it faster and your pace will get faster! and the best way to do something? is to DO IT! DONT SIT THERE AND THINK HOW IT IS DONE! JUST DO IT! you will make mistakes, you learn, you redo and it will be done! don't be argent and start saying okay I have to plan perfectly! before doing and you end up stuck in planning which is sucks! and you will end up not doing anything, do it, if it comes well, cool, if it doesnt, find out why and fix it! done!

so today's blabber lesson to you kids out there! be a Nike! Just Do It!

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