Saturday, August 24, 2013

Influence Map

How I did not do this before!?

God! I learned so much about my self making this! I never knew that Video games has so much influence on me! I knew it did but not that amount!

1- this dude's art style (… when I saw it I was like yes! this is what I want to do! finally!.

2- Retro games, it has influenced me since I was a kid played a lot of amiga, NES, Sega,N64 when I was a kid.

3- Manga - Anime these has influenced me a lot in my childhood and still do since my country used to broadcast Japanese anime, a lot!.

4-Koji Igarashi : that guy! I have a guy crush on him ( not in a homo-sexual way lol! ) I just respect him so much, Brilliant mind and spirit.

5- Neo Geo games OMG! do I have to talk about this? KOF! Metal Slug! Captain Commando and all of these awesome hell bullet games that keeps your fingers on the joypad with no break!.

6-Deviant art : my story with Deviantart is very deep, I was in a world with no guide and not knowing what to do, this site guided me to my passion through awesome artists who made me realized what I should do with my life Like :iconvashperado: :iconnefar007: :iconpertheseus: :iconangryangryasian: .

7-Family and friends ( my mother and all the friends who believed in me and still does ( specially my friends Ali&his family and Mike Parent ) also my lovely wife who have so much faith in me that makes me feel am on top of the world.

8- Nintendo : from metriod to mario to legend of zelda and you start laying down the others lol!.

9-Capcom : this company showed me good days and bad days ( good days always regarding their awesome art and concepts ) bad days regarding their recent game releases.

10-Konami : Metal Gear, Castlevania, Contra and others always kept me cheerful ( again apart from few releases they did recently).

11- SquareEnix : do I need to talk about this? lol! FF, Chrono, Parasite eve, einhander ( God this game kept me sleepless ).

12-Ashley wood...Dear God...this 1st exposure to his work was Metal Gear Portable Ops and it just made me want to do stuff like that! :D the motion comic! and I ended up doing a motion comic for my graduation project! :D here is the (… to it.

13- Joe mad : from comic to video games, I loved his work and always left me speechless.

14- Yoji Shinakawa : man that guy can illustrate and create some of the coolest Designs or what!?.

15- Kentaru Muira : this mangaka Illustrator sweet lord you can see his skill development and vision through his still running since 1987 manga ( Berserk ).

16-Ayami Kojima : her twisted beauty of design and painting is just astonishing! I loved her work since the moment I laid eyes on it .

the Influence map temple belongs to :iconfox-orian: 

thank you so much for reading and going through it if u did! and have a good day, good evening and good night!.

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