Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Street Fighter IV for Android

Most of the Retro gamers and the noobs as well knows the Street fighters and we can never get enough of it! recently I got my hands on Street fighter IV for android samsung galaxy note II I was excited when I ran this game on my device until I started the fight! fail after fail after fail!

1- the game is actually sprites ripped off the 3D models of the original street fighters so they didnt use a real time 3D render engine to for the game.

2- the buttons has only HP and HK with HP+HK and block breaker move ( no LP or LK ) 

3- as  galaxy note II is a powerful android device sadly started heating in my hands just after 4 mins of testing the game

and do not forget that android can not handle two buttons pressed together in the same time on the screen so it is very hard to code a fighting game on it unless creating a whole new system for it or attach a Joypad for your android device ( am no sure about that, never checked about the subject just speculating )

in conclusion if you have an android and you think of getting Street Fighter IV, do not waste your time and money for that.

Zaid M Jawad over and out! good night every one! 

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