Wednesday, August 14, 2013


it was 2AM I woke up waiting for a call on skype from a dear family member (Mom) and I was going through my DA page and I noticed that I have to updated my Bio since its like 5 years old and I never noticed that. what it made me realize is, even with everything is going so fast and taking unusual turns in my life 6 years ago, you ask me where do you see your self 10 years from now I would say Japan and I want to work with Koji Igarashi, my idol game designer, but at that time I still didn't know how and where am I going to be, I was a guy trying to achieve his dream, a dream that was so far by any standards even people called me childish, foolish and idiot.

6 years has passed, started from ground zero, faced a of support and a lot of discouragement, I have learned a lot about my self, my skills and what was I missing before starting this adventure and of course learned about humans ( they do disappoint me and surprise me in the same time ) 4 years to my deadline to have my own stand alone studio for game production, believe it or not, am not far away from that goal at all, taking a step, a fresh new step into achieving that goal, and one funny thing! my Idol has quit the game design industry as he stated on his official facebook page ( I quit facebook too much crap ) and that made me sad! so sad that got me depressed for a while but! that gave me more encouragement to make that dream comes true! working back to back with my idol! the Koji Igarashi him self! I will make my studio real! I will have a real production house! and I will have enough power to ask that awesome man! who gave me a wonderful childhood to work with me! a dream is never too far kids! if you work hard trying to achieve something don't think how or where, just do it, work hard for it and keep pushing the walls that are trying to stop you, nothing is impossible...never give up that dream of yours, whatever you want to be, if you put your mind to it! you can achieve it!

One day I was you, the small little people who trying to put his idea on a paper, trying to express something, doodling a character  on the back of his book, instead of doing home work, drawing characters, writing ideas, even scripts for games! and animated series, games is not just a video game to play and am saying this to the retro people, the generation of Atari, Msx, Nintendo, Sega those generation who were had their own universe which was not a main stream bullshit, playing video games was not a waste of time, it was an artist in making, a creative mind being molded to create a new way of story telling through video games.

Starting making video games, I learned something, if you want to start, dont bit too big that you can't swallow, start small, understand the little simple things before going for big things cause the small little details are the foundation, pre-production is over rated at some points, sometimes it keeps you away from actual work if you are an indie (some times!!! SOME TIMES!) not all the times, it is a powerful step but like I said some times you don't need it.

Understanding you skills set and tools to use is a very important thing, the net is always out there to learn and pick up something new, it is easier to learn now from what it was previously, never let anyone tells you the tool you are using is not good enough! what ever you are using! as long as you are good at it! your bad ass lean mean machine that will bring the power of that tool to a whole new level or at least to your own level :D.

Don't over think things Just do it and do not be afraid of redoing things, you might learn something new on the way and dont let people tell you what can and can't be done, cause you can do when you find your own way of doing it.

wow! I wrote a lot! anyway, keep practicing, never give up, and keep pushing your limits, quoting buzz lightyear! * to the infinity! and beyond! *

this is Zaid Mohammed Jawad! over and out!.....

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