Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yaiba : Ninja Gaiden Z


here is the trailer and you be the judge of it :D

It has been a while since we have seen a guy with really really bad attitude in a game and this guy makes it all, make you know why Ryu killed his sorry ass, he sound like Deadpool with seriously attitude issues LOL!

the visuals are stunning! and the style just drags you in, but not many people like his attitude, I guess that is the point of it? :D

anyway for me am looking foreword for this game and I want to have my hands on it, it is very rare to find a stylized game with such cool looking visuals and that much gore in THAT QUALITY! :D am getting this for the visuals and its a ninja game and also just to see RYU kill my sorry ass in the end of the game :D it has to be done that way ! :D that guy can't live! am 100% sure the ending will be the player getting killed! :D it has to be! lol!

lets wait and see then we will find out! :D

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