Saturday, December 14, 2013

Resident Evil

well yesterday I decided that I need a break from the world and from real life and dive into the world where I have no worries ( Video games ) but yes I had to choose a universe to dive into....So I picked Resident Evil 2.

Started playing it with Leon and it all started to come back to me, the memories when I was 13 years old and my achievement was to finish the game and after I noticed I finished the game without using a 1st aid bottle and no save games and! under 2 hours and 30 min I decided hi what the hell! lets do the marathon to unlock everything, so today I was able to unlock the ex battle, 4th survivor and lots of weapon and also planing to get the key from Brad to unlock the extra customs.

After Unlocking the 4th survivor and playing with the awesome Hunk it seems that the Security Service Agent of Umbrella and I just want more, it brought me to the sad choice which is wanting to play Operation Raccoon City, I hate that game and if you played it you would know and if you didn't here is why:

Amazing concept designs Lovely idea and poorly poorly executed to a sad level that you can't believe that capcom would do that bad.

now you will say why are you judging it ( if you didnt notice that is or your didnt come across it )
here are my reasons:

1- poor texturing : normal maps are not done well that it kind of looks ugly
2- Animation the characters animation comparing to previous RE and modern games ( horrible )
3- Rigging : yes! I noticed that, the character Rig is so bad that made amateur riggers look good, specially the shoulder area of the character.
4- game play logic : well you have a zombie game and your mission is to go through hoards of zombies and you pick a sniper as your weapon of choice but guess Head shot was coded into the game.

=_= a GAME has ZOMBIES and your mission is to DESTROY ZOMBIES! you have NO head shot? that was one of the Major WTF moment in that game that I just exited the game and uninstall it instantly from my PC.

But sadly now i wanna play with Hunk that awesome character and also the team that he is leading in Operation Raccoon City and also this character that I really like Victor, really bad ass ninja looks on him, I won't be expecting much from it I will just play it and see, but that of course after I finished RE 2 for the 4th time to unlock Tofu :D he is so damn cute! :D

Resident Evil has a special place in my heart when it comes to gaming since it was my 1st psx game that I finished with no help from anyone what so ever  and gained more confidence as a gamer, it was full of wonder and always astonish you with every moment passes and never fail to do that over and over again and I might play RE3 as well.

 just in case you are wondering what happened to RE1! on yes I love it! :D I have it on my trusty DS :)

my RE finished List

1- RE 1 (PSX)
2- RE 1 Director's cut (PSX)
3- RE 2 (PSX)
4- RE 2 Director's cut (PSX)
5- Bio Hazard 2 (PSX)
6- RE 3 Nemesis (PSX)
7- Bio Hazard Nemesis (PSX)
8- RE Code Veronica (Dreamcast)
9- RE Code Veronica X(PS2)
10- Bio Hazard Code Veronica (Dreamcast)
11- RE 4 (PS2)
12- RE Zero ( GamceCube )
13- RE 1 Remake ( GameCube )
14- RE 5 (PC)
15- RE Revelations (3DS)
16- RE Deadly Silence (DS)
17- RE Gaiden (GBC)

sadly didn't have the chance to play Out Break just for a bit ( I hope I will have a chance to play it )
and NO! I won't play the survivor series because I dont like RE Shooter style and it is the main reason why I HATE! the new titles from RE cause it took a whole new direction from survivor horror ( which actually Outbreak is pure one ) to a shoot em up game RE5 =_= seeing also a lot of negative feedback Regarding RE6! and few positives, I still want to take a Risk and see how it is...I hope I won't be Raging over the internet Regarding it... meh.... Capcom you have done lots of horrible stuff in the past few years and you have been screwing up A LOT!

Shout out to CAPCOM : I used to be a fan of you but now you are my enemy, please do something good so we can be friends again, stop concentrating on marketing and make a true game, if you make true effort to make a true game, believe it! money will come from all direction since all your fans and ex fans loves you and your awesome titles, RE Revelations! it was awesome! you kind of got back on the track with it but more puzzles less bullets, kill us! challenges us! make us scream in agony to survive that horror you created! make a game that challenge us all mentally with awesome puzzles ( Like you did with Code Veronica ) we don't want a shooter we all want that feel of horror you once offered us from your previous titles ( from RE 1 to RE Code Veronica ) ...that is all I have to say for today

back to RE2! yay! 

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