Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Message to Capcom and Resident Evil Development Team

Resident Evil as we all know it has a special place in out heart, ( old gamers and new gamers as well ) the problem you are facing with this amazing Title you created is that it lost its flair! the shine that it has, you already had a successful formula of game play that gamers were not bored of  *at least I know I didn't and most of my RE play mates* but you threw this formula right out of the window for the sake of casual gamers and created a horrifying nightmare as we know RE now, the game had something special ( very cool story, puzzles solving, surviving and thinking your way through not shooting your way through, Fear element which was offered by the calm environment and the settle music ) that was resident evil, we never played it to shot monsters ( well we did a bit ) but mostly it was about that intensity and feel of desperation when you get stuck in a puzzle, healthless and ammoless and every slow walking sucker is coming to get you, and for the love of GOD! where are the Lickers! where  are the Hunters! what happened to those most Iconic monster in the series! they were simply replaced by those parasite meh monsters...

you want to make Resident Evil shine again? Go Code Veronica! one of the best titles in the series of course after RE2, Code Veronica was crazy long and lots of places yet familiar aspects, Big mansion  to explore for the sake of getting out and than when you thought your out you are into a worse place than the mansion, it was beautifully done, and my God! the puzzles! I remember one puzzles made me sit on the sidewalk at 12 Midnight crying for not being able to know where  to go ( I was 14 and never had internet at that time as well ) that was a RE it was epic cool! and also do the different scenarios like in RE2 that was beautiful! yes its the same place but different way to play things and as well as new areas were open to exploration.

in Revelations you have done well! apart from few things like some characters in the game that their design made no sense what so ever and that sense with chris falling off the cliff and he sit there fighting the wolves saying he can't stand back up and when Jessica reaches him she just gives him a hand? =_= that was an ultimate WTF moment, please watch out for the writing, RE is an amazing titles, do not kill it!!!!!

Make a poll see if people agree with my opinion, if they see that what am saying is right or just random bleh!.

and DO NOT REBOOT!!!!!....you can Remake with High Def and extra stuff like when you have Done RE1 Remake for game cube, you can do for RE2, RE3 and even Code Veronica but please please again! RE is not about bang bang bang, RE is survival and problem solving that was its Flair.

Thank you very much

Zaid Mohammed Jawad

Die Hard Fan of RE

Update : read all the comments here...http://n4g.com/news/1413850/resident-evil-7-voice-your-opinion and I rest my case 

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