Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vilppu is awesome

This man is a God among men when it comes to human drawing structure! one hour of his lesson improved my drawing ability drastically! O_O I mean I used to draw faces and portraits but realistic portraits I struggle a lot with it I have to redo and redo and also cartoony faces not much spark into it but now! ouh boy! am much faster and more settle when it comes to faces.

so of the sketches I did after the lecture


OMG! I just drew from a reference and it didn't take me long just few mins! O_O I know it is not matching much but WTF! and OMG! God bless you Vilppu! God Bless you sir!

Update 2 : 

Over damn night...such progress...I don't know what to feel, happy? cause I have progressed drastically over night? or sad and frustrated for the money and time I spent in my idiotic college and learned nothing from those ignorant people.

Each took around 5 to 10 mins 

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