Sunday, April 1, 2012

Square brush/ Converting brushes from Photoshop to Gimp

I used this brush that was given to me by one of my online best friends who is David Liu! also known as Angry Angry Asian on deviantart, seriously awesome concept artist and animator.

he gave me a set of brushs on my last birthday with an awesome wallpaper of Guts from Berserk!

I tried em and this brush set is seriously too awesome!

here is what I did with it

photoshop is a good software really!

but the problem is that I can't afford a license for that, and now am using the college license just to set my portfolio!

its too damn expensive! I found few other softwares that are really good in painting but lets hope i can find the same brush or at least convert it to other softwares and use it T_T lets see!

I hope you enjoyed my blabber :P

have a good day

Update1 : wow! just searched and found that! how to convert brushes from Photoshop to Gimp!!! this is just too awesome!

I hope it will be useful for you if you were a Gimpper :)

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