Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The age of challenge has ended?

previously Games used to be challenging, some times drive you insane to pas a boss or a level, i still remember the game nemesis on MSX, playing for 3 hours to reach one point and we have on shot of using a weapon that we dont know how to use and ending up replying the game again for getting that single shot again!

Prince of Persia with its crazy puzzles that can drive you nuts!

Flash back for sega system which was some serious challenge and also lets not forget Back from this world.

classic games were amazing, the game designer used to challenge the audience and say, I dare you my fan to finish my game.

this age was still there at the times of psx generation where we have resident evil, silent hill 1, in cold blood and many other games, even ps2 at some point but now days games.............epic fail.

games are becoming easy to finish, no element of challenge cause the game maker is afraid that his casual player might get bored of the game and just leaves it and not play it again and in that he will have bad rating and can't make a sequel for that game, and thanks to who? people with fat wallets who treat the game as product!

Castlevania lords of shadows, the game was a big fail when it has super challenging bosses but it has the autosave which saves if u take down a quarter of the bosses health! are you serious? O_O what the hell? where is the challenge in that? and lets not talk about the epic fail in game design.

anyway I want to bring back the old school video games, and if you understand what am talking about? please join me and let us make a change.


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  2. I'm gonna make one of the most complicated games you've played in your life, just wait, and I'll send you the link when it's finished. you're gonna enjoy it since I'm a classic games fan as well.