Sunday, April 15, 2012

MGS3 on one go

Today I spent my day at Blur Arcade at Sathyam theater with my friend Ali and Allen, I finished MGS3 from the HD collection on one go! I really missed that feel of sitting a playing a game that I really enjoy with friends while they watch me going through it and both make funny comments about the game a joke around about it and joke about each other, nothing can beat that!, and mostly I miss doing that with my elder bro Haider AKA(Sonic) those winter nights we spend near the heater and the tea pot on top of that with snacks and the dark room with only TV light lighting the room playing MGS,Resident evil or Silent Hill, man!!! awesome beautiful day, I really enjoyed kicking Volgan's ass! that sadistic sucker! I hate him!!!! nothing can beat MGS in fun factor! it is a game that can never get bored of, and thanks to Hido Kojima for that, sadly I forgot how to add the silencer to the MK22 and I was an idiot not to read the instruction through the whole game and I ended up being detected a LOT! but I made it through and in the end when I was setting the C3 for Shagahod's gas tankers I noticed how to apply the silencer and at that time, my friend Ali was like =_= your an idiot! you play way better with a silencer! you should have checked how to equip it previously!, I was able to collect the Cobra unit Uniforms! which I had to beat every one of them with a tranquilizer and it was hellish to do that! not an easy job! O_O but what the hell I did it!, it was a lot of fun, and really relaxing experience and am ready to get back to work, lot of plans and too little time, lets see what I can do.

planing on replying MGS4 and finish it, and of course it will inspire me more to work since MGS is one of the major inspirational source in my life, since I understand what war is and the story point of view, I feel a lot connected to it cause that main point of it is that war has no heroes and it is the truth.

wish me luck with my work cause I need every single bit I can get :) thanks for reading :)

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