Friday, March 30, 2012


hey guys!

my mentor is working on a game engine for 2D games please support him and spread the word!!


I just finished watching the video and this engine is amazing! i loved the idea of broken parts animation since it was used in many lovely games! such as metal slug!(Bosses animation) one of my best top 10 favorite 2D games! Contra HardCorps for Sega system.

This method was used in the famous animated movie Howl's Moving Castle! by Studio Gibil!

I totally support this engine and I know for sure! that I will be using it in the future :)

please support!

Update 2: dudes!!!! go go go! if you are into game making!!!! specially 2D you can get a full version if you pledge for 25$ please!!!! spread the worrrrrrrrd!!!! this is too awesome!!! XD

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