Friday, April 13, 2012

April you are killing me =_=

 In the last few days, it was just too epic for me to handle =_= a hell lot of things were done, but a lot of problems have happened!

I went to Blur to enjoy my cursed day of birth and ended up striking chennai with a 8.5! earthquake with my bad luck! O_O

my black pants got torn!, my fridge is fucked! AC not working properly! lots of power cuts! and hell lot of other small small things that can drive a man insane, but am still hanging there thanks to my work! since i have been cleaning up pages from Project Mercy comic ( graduation project ) and i have done lots of animation bases for the 2D silhouette fighting scene in the project, having also some MGS fever that i have been drawing solid snake and MOF soliders! least at the 9th i think my and my buddy Ali went to pizza corner and had a nice dinner there, and also had a subway salad with my buddies Allen and Ali, that is all I can about what happened in the last few days, something is Epically wrong with April, my luck gets to -100 on the bullshit scale! O_O and I just don't know why!....anyway enjoy my sketches and animation, have a bad luck free week! good night!

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