Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kojima, Metal Gear, Fox

Since I was 7th grade I started playing Metal Gear, and I started becoming a fan of Kojima, I loved this epic game like no other game, I would run to a store to buy one as soon as it release when they shot a new one in the market, but recently sadly I don't know he started screwing up few things, such as making a new hero looking too sissy, following the recent sad Twilightish generation, when Solid Snake and Big Boss is a gentle macho man and he was an example of a good man that I myself and other MGS fans wanted to be him! but now sadly it is not getting as cool as it used to be when Raiden came to the screen.
one hell of a game, finished it over 30 times

Metal Gear Peace Walker : the game was really well made, that I really really really enjoyed it a lot!, but the problem came with the Extra mission, Big Boss dating a 16 years old? O_o hello!? and the brief was ( Big Boss is a 32 years old man and Paz is 16 years old, I think Boss has enough charisma to seduce a 16 years old ) what the hell?! are you serious? O_O another fail Kojima.

and lets not bring the more fail of his work Castlevania Lords Of Shadows? that was one of it's kind in failing =_=

but since few years ago, he has been working on his game engine, which is named was inspired by the MGS serious, Fox Engine, this Engine is for sure putting all 3D game engine in the industry out of commission for sure! check out the article in here and there is a snap where it shows a conformance room, side A is real life and side B is a real time engine render, INSANE! but still didn't show anything on exteriors yet. check it out and tell me what do you think my dear followers.

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