Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aweful weekend but Skill update

Hi Guys!

I am back, sorry I didn't post anything, I was just not in the mood to do anything for 4 days in a raw and it was aweeeeeeeeeeeeful! some times I get these Art Block but it is always productive, for some reason I just become better when I have these Art Blocks, It's like my brain install a new Update and synchronize :P than I come back more Kick ASS!.

At the 17th I woke up in the morning and walked to college as always, as I was listening to bleach sound tracks with my MP3 and BOOM! 2 Ideas popes into my head! one is (BD) BigDog the Graffiti hero, and the other one is some kind of a ninja! so the soon as I reached college I just took my sketch book and starting Sketching them! and these are the sketches 

Today is the 19th, and it was an OK day nothing bad in it, I went to a small restaurant and had a veg cheese Burger, I KNOW!!! VEG??? but what can I say, it was a nice play to set and sketch, so I took one of the tables and ordered my dinner, than while I was waiting I sketched BD with colors and it was fun!

that is it for today! peace out! and good night!

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