Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Sketchs for today

Today I didn't attend my classes because I woke up dizzy this morning so I decided to get back to sleep, than after Midday I woke up and I text-ed my junior and told him if he can go to City Center and luckily he was already their, so I washed my face, brushed my teeth and put some clothes on, plugged in the MP3and rocked on to City Center.

My friend and 3 other juniors were there, sat down talked about classes and he showed me his work and he was really progressing.

One of them is a musician, he recorded a song with his laptops mic and they made me listen to it, everything was fine but the singer's voice was so far that sounded really weird and it gave me an idea! so I sketched it at the moment in my sketch book! 

After some time we all left then I waked back home and went through the day but still wanted to sketch something so I ended up sketching this, I took my own expression as a reference :)
and that is it for today, good night!. :D

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