Friday, February 18, 2011

sorry i was away

I am really sorry that I didn't update my blog in a long time, it's just that I have been out of mood and broken down by many elements, but now am back.

I can say that my skills are advancing and am getting really beautiful critiques on my work and it makes me want to draw even more.

I have done some animations basic also, it got few mistakes that will be fixed later but am happy about it.

here are some of my new sketches and I hope you will enjoy it. :)

thank you for your time.

passion of the music

what lies beneath

heavy! (Ghost) one of my originals

Shadow, a friend of Lila and BD

Lila, she is with Shadow and BD (Big Dog)

me, my self and Jack

As we Arabs have things that we are proud of and very famous iconic animals, these animals are the horse and the falcon, one symbol of Iraq was the falcon, a friend suggested that I should draw something connected to Iraq after the war, the this expressive concept came into my mind at the spot so I drew it at the moment.

and let us not forget the new gesture drawings.

and i sketched one sketch of one of my old originals character designs his name is Raven the corruption eater I hope you will like it.

and my new favorite sketch weapon is! Sakura BrushPen!.

 good night :)

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  1. i searched for deviant art and i found this. more than happy :D