Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Mission

3 year ago I took a life changing decision, I was inspired by few artists from one of them was Michel, this is his page  and by Linkinpark music video (breaking the habit)

plus my passion that I ignored over the years, I Zaid MJ, Iraqi!, decided to be an animator and a concept artist.

This art work at the top is my progress over 3 years, I started from scratch, I just used to draw at the back of my classbooks but after I took this decision I started taking art seriously, many people discourage me and told me I was crazy and I wont be able to do it, well here I am doing it and kicking ass! :D

here is my link on deviantart,

Thanks to Mom, My dad's best friend, my close friends who supported me and my Dad ( rest in peace Dad i know you are watching over me).

special thanks to Dan Sekikawa  anike and Shiba senpai and ma man! David Liu Angry! :D

I am 23 years old now and in April I will be 24, my mission is to start my own freelancing concept art company at the age of 30, 3 months and 6 years to go.

Nothing impossible and never give up.............yosh!

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  1. Nice goal you got ~ i dun sketch much, i usually need something to refer (can considered as copying XDDDD ) but i like drawing , doodle and all