Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holiday already?

I just went to the mall near me for a small break and to buy a small snack sweet after dinner and I passed the book store and I saw the Harry Potter 1st book poster in there and lots of other stuff and I was like, whats all of a sudden? and I realized we are in September... 3 months to 2014...OMG! this year just passed by with so much happening that I didnt even notice how it passed, I would say this year is the fastest year of my life! ...heh! WOW! 3 months! ... still cant believe it! LOL!

I know it is early! but any plans? doing anything?

as far as I can tell for me it will be time with my family and of course will be working like every holiday non stop work for me ... :D my family doesnt have much to do in the holiday but am going to make it rocking since am there! :D video games, Christmas movies and what not! :D

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