Friday, October 4, 2013

Spriter B6 Pro

Yesterday released a teaser for the new Spriter release, am so proud to be one of the kick starters in that project and even more proud to be friend and a student of one of the people who is involved in developing this awesome wonderful kick ass software.

Q : What is Spriter?

A : It is a new Indie software created by, it is the new solution for 2D games graphics and more!

Spriter is a cut out animation style software, importing pre-created graphics into the software and animate them ( and with the new release I would say animate them freely )

and now it got sound, easing curve for your animation, and it already has a separate time line for every single object, and a freaking collusion box! and tons of other cool stuff! I can't wait for the full release! i mean this is beta 6 for God's sake and it is too awesome! how the full version will be!? O_O wohoooo! am dreaming already! :D

visit their website for more info :
              their kick starter page :
             and this amazing video!:

and btw! you can buy it now for 25$ it is a pre-official release version, insanely cheap and it is amazing since I also am using it and has a pro license so my statement is back from a 1st hand experience! :)

if you are planning to do a 2D game, Spriter is the man!

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