Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Johnny Mnemonic Imagination to reality?

Today I was thinking about the technology we are having now and the direction that it is going to, and made me think that Jhonny Mnemonic.

In case you don't know what is Jhonny Mnemonic ( uncle google will tell you ).

Technology has reached the body gesture sensors, we have the 32GBs memory stick and the 8 GB microcard,
so I think lets say what? 10 years? less? we can store 200GBs in a small chip and it can be placed in someones brain! the vision that people thought it was fiction 15 years ago, is close to reality, and the vision we are having now also will one day be reality like Dues ex Human revolution

fiction is soon reaching reality, but the bad sides of it as it was in the fiction will follow? we dont know until we reach there.

Just something I thought of sharing, I hope you enjoyed the idea :D

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