Thursday, March 22, 2012

that is it!

for so long things are getting hanged, I couldn't do much work and my mood was off, personal life, and other stuff effected me a lot, apart from health issues but that is the end of it, even if I know that I will die on my drawing table, I have to draw, I will draw no matter what, I will draw without stopping, I will draw I swear I will, I miss my friend the friend who used to take me to the other side when I sit and draw, the friend that used to unleash my imagination, that friend is the inner dark side of my self, no more to stopping, I am on a mission to achieve I am on a mission to do a major step in my life, no one will stop me, not this time! O_O

these are some of the stuff that I worked on in the last period I hope you guys will like it and wish me luck.

have a good day, take care!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you kind sir, doing the best I can, and soon you will see more :)