Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Productive fun day

Today was a productive fun day, I needed some references for my 2D silhouette fight scene for Project Mercy (my motion comic for this year) so I called up my friend Sandeep Siddhu and asked for his help with that and he was so generous to do that and let me kick his ass! XD ( with respect of course) done a lot of videos for the reference and the camera man was Mahesh another friend and a class mate of mine, took few pics and here are few of em, the guy in shorts is me :P

all of these pics were took at Chennai's Marina Beach, at Santhom lighthouse.

after that we all went to KFC and took along my friend Aamir khan for a treat for the hard work of today ( almost broke my foot =_= )

and to add more awesomeness for today! I received Ashley Wood's WWB! ( world war robot ) book!

didn't check it yet, I was inspired by this guy from the beginning of my career through Metal Gear Portable Ops for PSP.

I was planing for an exhibition based on a story of a  Robot (that I design of course)  and tell a story in a different point of view, had the major basic story line in my head so I don't want to be influenced by any others regarding that and am sure it will be fun! ( watch out for Z-96, the Robot with the Red Scarf  ) we might plan it as a video games teaming up with my friend Ali Alkhiro ( Game Designer and Story development freak! ) and Sandeep Siddhu (3D artist and creative person), and also thanks to Ashley Wood for inspiring that! :) * I just hope it will have no connection with his ideas or they will call me a plagiarist O_O this will be the last thing i need in they beginning of  my career* but lets see what WWB! can kick more into my brain, and here are some treat for you guys! :)

1st here are some stuff I drew for Z-96

I don't know why I have this obsession with Rabbits! I like this looks with the ears, looks more cool, hip and friendly :) and this was done with Krita Painting

just  simple painting to explorer his looks, done with my paint

that is Ashley Wood's blog! go check it!

have a good day guys! and girl! :)

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