Sunday, September 4, 2011

it's been really long time

My dear Fans

it has been a long time since I updated the blog but it's just that I am under a lot of stress and life pressure but I still draw :) don't worry, here are some of my recent work and skill level updating  XD

Evil Ryu!

New awesome friends I met in my visit to Baghdad my place of birth

my progress in 4 years of Hard Work

comission, softwind

Dark Belmont

My lovely nieces, Dema the elder and Danyea the younger, Dema loves to draw, they call her the class artist in her school, isn't that awesome! XD I love her soooooooo much

project mercy, my project for this year, motion comic and animated silhouettes

Holy Cow! I look like him! XD
 I was in Baghdad for a month in case you didn't know it was good but in the same time i dont want to go back to there anymore, too much bad memories, and too much people who are suffering, people who are close to me, and I can't do anything about it, the best I can do is to progress, at least to make them happy.

now am back to chennai, it's been a month, my story for the project had been accepted, I just need to do the presentation and off to pre-prod .

have a good week and I hope I can Update every week end :)

see ya!


  1. dude!! its awesome...

    and the work u mention as 'my progress in 4 years of Hard Work'... Its so coool

    Nice one bro... Keep Updating.. :)

  2. thank you Balaji, I will do the best I can to progress more and more and keep progressing :) I reached here, I can stop no more