Monday, October 17, 2011

am back and that means I am BACK! O_O

Hi guys!

sorry that i just puff! disappeared again! O_O my damn facebook is taking all my time, anyway few days ago i decided that i will put 2 hours a day for Zbrush, and plus am working on my internship, project, dissertation, and! portfolio! and i need to incress my skill level and planned to get a zbrush license after graduation SO!  am practicing Zbrush! its too AWEEEEESOOOOOOOOOME!

update about my situation, i will copy and paste it from my Deviantart journal  :P   too lazy to retype! O_O

stress is killing my class mates, it is just the beginning of the year and they are stress like hell that they cant sleep!.

this year is the final year : project, dissertation, portfolio and internship, they are freaking out already cause not much progress in the work and its been already 2 months and a half!

thank god am moving well with it, things are in motion and not wasting time and trying not to fall into stress so help me god.

i met few new people online and in real life.

the one who i met online is a seriously awesome girl and i hope things will go fine between me and her, cause i like her a LOT! will try to visit her next month god willing.

and since i started doing most of my work in CCD (coffee cafe day) and I broke the habit that i had from being afraid of interacting with people!, i met a sweet girl! she is a korean piano teacher and her name is jade, she can be a really nice friend :) .

the new rules of my life are:

1- never to be afraid
2- if u dont have the balls so what! still go for it and see what will happen :)
3- stay positive at all time
4- if some one is causing trouble, freakin get rid of em! dont waste time, effort and mental health trying to help them! cause it seem that they dont want help
5 - and the most important and it also includes rules 1 and 2, that is get involved! people ask u to go some where say sure, u like it stay, u dont leave, dont say no i dont want to go!, be a YES MAN! XD i know! Jim Cerry! he is awesome! :)

starting tmrw, i will give 2 hours of my day to Zbrush since i am a character artist, i design characters and it would be awesome if i sculpt them!

since am weak in Zspheres to create a base mesh, i decided a collection of base meshes with Maya before i finish college so i can use it in the farther future, since i cant afford maya license so am getting a zbrush! and those bases meshes will help a lot! :)

and am suffering recently from my wisdom teeth, they really suck! more dentist time! she cleaned my teeth and it looks awesome now! :hug: for her! but i still have to work on some old fillings!

power problems in my apartment that i cant run my desktop for 5 mins without restarting on me, even when i use a UPS and a voltage regulator still fucks it up, so no more desktop! T_T

i was trying to get my hand on the art of darksiders book, my money got stolen from the internet, my brother got me the book and mailed it 3 times and it gets back to him! O_O and now i just found they are too awesome, u pay at delivery (it's only for India)

so wasted a lot of cash and i hope i will receive the book now on this coming Friday.

people from the past coming back just to disturb me recently with their stupidity and this is why i created rule number 4 ( check the rules set above)


this is all for now! i hope you are having a good time!

peace out

done! XD and now! for the fruits! O^O

some artworks i have done recently :)

Death from darksiders fan art sculpt!

Demonic music, i really love this one! had so much fun making it XD

I have no idea what he is XD

this was done for my awesome friend David to lift his fighting spirit! he is one hell of a kick ass artisto!

Guess who is that! XD

sculpt over solider template in Zbrush, one of my original character concepts

done with painter, i hate it when every one loved it T_T solid snake!