Friday, February 25, 2011

new sketches, old sketches, and gestures drawings

hi guys, these are some of my old and new sketches, and my gesture drawings which I really love and enjoy, am doing fine..........tired but still fine.........I really need winter, it's been 2 years since I have seen winter.

My art skills is increasing, am sure of that now, and we are having animation classes now and I am really enjoying it, I will post the ball with tail animation video as soon as I finish it.

thanks for following me :) enjoy

the 1st sketch is from my imagination, than the other 5 are from pictures of my friend and the rest are gestures from life, thanks to my friend Jincy Jacob

my old sketchs, it has been done last year.
from my sketch book, shanger is a character represent my anger and my passion and aggressive style, the last sketch is not harry potter!, the yellow and vio color is a character named the golden angel, and for some reason today I wanted to do skateboarding sketches  

since I didn't have a model I used, and Rieq recommended that I try 60 seconds gestures, to increase my observations skills, and it really worked :) thanks Rieq!

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