Sunday, July 16, 2017

Terminal (Android)

A message from my sponsor regarding our new game release

al salamu 3alaikum

how are you?

allow me to introduce my self.

I am Qusai Samir
manager of a small Iraqi gave developer team, Zaid Al-Shaheed Iraqi talent residing in the philippines ( you can find his artwork here in this link (

Jorge Perortico, Programmer from Spain
and √Čtienne Charbonneau a music composer from Canada

we made this small humble game and we would like your support

our game Terminal where you can find in this link (

has been released today, very humble and very simple, made in our free time as we all have our day jobs to pay the bills, but we want to continue make more games that are more fun and more complex and for that we need funding, how can we get our funding you might ask? by you downloads, the more people play the game the more the ads brings more revenue, so if you don't mind we would like to humbly ask you to share our game and our story on your respected page to gain get more downloads so we can continue making games.

thank you very much in advance

and yo7fothkum allah

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