Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rick Tylor Splatter House Finished Model ( Zbrush, Blender )

SO!!!Finally finished Rick's Model, after I finished Retopo in zbrush I took the model to Blender for attaching the pieces ( as  we said before its better to retopo piece by piece ) and UV unwrap as well.

took it back to Zbrush Projected the Details and exported the maps! and thought I was done! but a horrible thing have happened! check here for the Full story Lunch Crunch if you don't want to check, just remember to put the normal map on tangant space and when you save any map, check if its 8 Channels and not 16! okay!?

so! after Solving all the problems Finally finished that Bad ass! still some retouching needed to be done here and there, but I can call this final.



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