Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Render testing ( Blender ) Modeling and projection maps ( Zbrush )

so after 5 days of suffering with the technical stuff I finally made it !.
Complete Zbrush workflow 

Sculpting a highpoly model 
Retopo with Zsphere
High poly to Lowpoly Projection
and Maps ( normal, displacement and AO ) generating
all inside Zbrush
Render testing (Blender)

1-In retopo, breaking the mesh into parts will make things a lot much more easier, if the whole character is a single mesh you will make few mistakes and it will start getting furstrating.

2- retopo as close as possible to the original mesh for more effeciant projection.

3- Save your work damn it! you can Save it as a Ztool and won't face any issues when you get back to work on it, just don't panic when you can't edit it and remember to click on Edit topology to be able to do so.

4- Remember to flip the texture vertically after exporting from Zbrush, I don't know why but Zbrush flips it.

5- Never Give Up, Nothing is impossiburu.

6- Yes Zbrush can do it all now, no need to jump from one software to another.

a very useful link for poly count in games polycount in games

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