Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crysis 3 Review ( personal opinion )

Since am a Crysis fan and played Crysis, Warhead, and Crysis2 I just could not help not playing Crysis3 which every good gamer friend warned me not to do, but am hopeless, Camo Suit with crossbow i just couldnt help it.

finished it in one day? i regret playing it why?

1- the game isnt long as the 3 previous parts where you keep asking your self if the game has an ending ( specially crysis 2 )

2- even on the hardest difficulty it doesn't offer much challenge and you can go through the game with new issues.

3- weak game play as well, Crysis 2 offered a lot of different paths in the same level to go through  but this one nope it didn't and finishing the whole game with the crossbow? too overpowered that makes the player never even think of picking another weapon ( i sure didnt use any until i come across a boss fight )

4-they didnt handle the natural environment  well where you find these trees in the corners and you think u can hid in them and it turn out to be a blocked texture.

I jumped behind a train when i was following pycho and i got stuck believe it or not, and a lot of open space which you see and cant go to.

5- how did I forget about the story! you see? it was to shallow that I even forgot about it, the story was very weak and meh comparing to the other crysis games which made this game look like any other commercial meh game.

My guess is that Crysis3 was made not for story telling not for game design, but for showcasing Cryengine 3 

the good things about Crysis 3

the new graphics of course since they are using a new engine, the visuals of it was kind of cool.

the crossbow if it wasn't over powered it would have been cooler but still a nice weapon to experience using it in a high tech game made the game feel more like Rambow,  and it felt like you are actually hunting them, but again! overpowered.

over all if you like Crysis and you just like design aspect and you are the kind of player who get wowed by graphic, play Crysis3 if not than dont expect much of it.

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