Wednesday, November 6, 2013

bad connection and screwed up hand

HI guys

in the last few days was epic busy for me, one was trying to get my broadbad connection to the new place ( hopefully by tmrw will be done ) and my hand... my drawing hand has failed me, it turns out that i have carpal tunnel syndrome and now am wearing a splint on my wrist and this thing is technically a damn cast, the doctor said i should wearing all time for a month! a freaking month and if it is not going to work i might have to go under the knife to fix that hand... guys! if you are a digital artist, a 3D artist get ur self a proper workstation, proper mouse, mouse pad with gel wrist rest and good keyboard that makes your hand comfortable or you will screw your career.

now i got a new mouse and mouse pad and using my left hand for the mouse and also learning how to draw with the left hand but believe me guys this shit is not easy and am struggling a lot to do it.

wish me luck. stay healthy and get healthy workstation!

am out!

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